well i just got it yesterday she i so cute.

her name is Ming-Ming

p.s sorry rose i didnt know you named yours ling-ling until like right now.i got the nmae off some site.so sorry (:

well i got the dounat seeds they are so cool.


Well I have had it but I was waiting to put it in his name is LingLing.   😦 Im sad because its not letting me play him,and its not letting me get my pet of the month item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got 2 new webkinz

On sunday I got 2 new webkinz the chicken and the black stallion(but it wont let me play Royalty) the chickens name is Pablo and the black stallions name is Royalty.Oh and Happy Webkinz Day!!!!!


Since it was the webkinz extrazaganza i was able to get 2 webkinz and get 2 free

i got the chicken.bengal tiger.yorkie.persian cat.

i also got [[ZINGOZ]] it is so fun!

i love it

then today fro the 3rd year i got to spin the wheel and i finally got the golf cart.

and in the present you get cake a picture. trophy and a wish token.

well here are the pictures of my webkinz.






I got 3 webkinz

Yesterday I forgot to put this post well yesterday I got to buy 1 webkinz and I got one free!and I won a panda(but im not puting it in till may)!!!!Its awsome and on sunday I get to spin the wheel of wow in real life!!!!!

New Webkinz(Lilly)

Well today since i got stright A’s again my mom bought me the black and white cheeky dog!

it is so cute! her name is Gabby.

And her best friend is Testcolour3??

wonder what that is!?



Well today is my cousin Lillys b-day and I would like to say Happy B-day Lilly!!!!!!!!